“Modern Music Based on Competition, Causes a lot of Grief” – Chaka Khan – worldwidecelebritymagazine.com
Friday, February 28, 2020
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R&B diva Chaka Khan recently appeared on Steve Harvey’s show and didn’t pull any punches when asked what she believes is missing from today’s music.
“Talent,” she immediately responded, to the applause of Harvey’s studio audience. She went on, “Sincerity, you know? And the reason, an initiative, like, ‘why am I here on a stage, you know, really speaking and loving all these people en masse?’”
While Khan may believe the industry is lacking in the talent department, she recently showed love to two young singers during an interview with AARP.
“I like Jazmine Sullivan. She’s an amazing artist. Emily King as well. They are two artists that are under-known, and based on the talent, they should be better known.”
Still, Khan’s distaste for the modern music business was made clear.
“It’s a circus. It’s very ugly because it’s based on competition. And art is not about competition. It causes a lot of grief and messed-up feelings between musicians and other artists. It’s not where I stand.”

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