Paulo Gannam’s electronic communication system between drivers to avoid accidents, an invention of a genius –
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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How often have you not gone through any road and received a blink of the driver’s headlights coming in the opposite direction, gesturing wildly, not understanding anything them really wanted to tell you? And how many times the internet signal was so bad you could not use your transit applications? And how many times to send a message through the transit application became more excruciating than solution – because of complication to send the message, or enter some other more specific as you head?

To help in these situations and reduce accidents caused by problems in traffic and in vehicles, the inventor Paulo Gannam developed the ” Cooperation Traffic System.” It is an electronic system that warns of instant communication, with pre-recorded and short phrases, identifiable problem in a vehicle.

Communication is done by the users of another vehicle who has the device. The inventor informs have developed a new way to also connect the communication of who has the Communicator with those who do not by an APP! Eg “brake light of burning”, “flat tire”, “high beam!”, “defendant light burned”, “door ajar”, “sick person in the car”, “i’m sorry”, “thank you”, “high beams” and so on. The device also facilitates the rapid exchange of information between drivers, who can alert each other about problems identified in the road, such as accidents, animals ahead, fire, fog, etc.

“This system differs from what exists in Europe (available at this link: (,” said the inventor, “because it allows drivers are active members in sending messages to each other, since the range of situations that require exchange of information can not depend on a vertical communication only – government agencies for drivers. “

Paulo’s goal, which has already a MVP to demonstrate, is to make his invention a social network of roads through something with hardware and new software combined, not only through an application for mobile phones equipped with GPS, as it has been used and, and for the characteristics of today’s APP, may be generating accidents.

This system will prevent major accidents and help create a friendly atmosphere and cooperation. Each message will have a number or an associative image, identified on the dashboard by means of buttons, operated, activate the exact message the driver want to send to the receiver, not taking the driver’s attention because it is easy and agile handling. “For the purpose of communication between drivers in traffic, it is imperative convenience and ease access for transmission of messages, and this device will meet this demand, unlike applications used separately, each with its own function within another device full of features such as the smartphone”, says the inventor.

When asked about vehicular networks in development and autonomous cars, the inventor explains: “If autonomous cars are the future, this project is the present! Its commercial implementation is easier, widely accessible, and low manufacturing cost – $20 per unit on a large scale”. And compares: “When my car can talk to your car, and your car can talk to a third car, everyone will be able to replace the excess data shared by only thing that robots do not have: intuition.”

Another advantage of the invention: it enables the exchange of instant information between police, fire department and other governmental institutions linked somehow to traffic, in order to facilitate also the exchange of important information between citizens and government institutions about accidents – including through education campaigns in traffic.

 ” Imagine a scenario where cyclists can talk to each other , drivers will be able to talk to each other, and ditto bikers. Now reverse the order to a point where everyone can communicate with everyone in transit, simple mode and much safer than smartphones ” , he says.

Partnership – Paulo is looking for partners. The project its with patent applied and the inventor seeks to obtain partnership between companies in the automotive, technology, telemetry and telecommunications area , to check feasibility and launch the product on the market . Those interested to konow more about the product and its other applications should contact:

Phone: 55 (35) 9 8404 4124




Skype: Paulo.gannam


For investors

* Even those who do not have Communicator installed in the car will be part of this communication between drivers concept receiving and sending messages to the third-party Communicator through a mechanism that we finished to develop by an APP, in concept proof stage. This was the way we found to increase the chances of scalability of the inventive concept of the product (hard to hard and / or hard to soft or soft to soft). So the chances are increased to achieve the business model for users and nonusers transit applications.

Ability to board the inventive concept of the product in existing devices such as multimedia stations, steering wheel, to suit the current format of the panels of vehicles etc. * Possible applications in other markets (which require increased speed and convenience of communication).

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