Nigeria’s first crowd-funding TV reality show, ‘The Illuminators’ set for season 2 –
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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CEO Higame Digital Henry Ita

The Illuminators, Nigeria’s first crowd-funding TV reality show is set to commence its second season.
The Illuminators is conceived as a vista in the world of entrepreneurship lifestyle and the challenges that come with such lifestyle. The reality show explores start-ups before, during and after their crowd-funding campaigns. The show highlights companies, their products and most importantly, the people.

L-R Janet Akinwale of KAFTAN TV, Henry Ita, Program Coordinator Abibat Sanusi, Programs Director Israel Osho and Logistics Manager Pheobe Imafidon

Inspired by the vision of promoting and building budding African businesses in a bid to strengthen the African economy to become productively sustainable, The Illuminators will highlight the crowd-funding heroes; the entrepreneurs, and their businesses that require crowd-funding to make their dreams reality.

Janet Akinwale

Highly engaging and packed with a lot of fun, and lessons in entrepreneurship, audiences get insights of the struggles, the pull on family life and the emotional turbulence that goes with entrepreneurial lifestyle, more so when launching a new company.
Speaking to newsmen in his Lagos office, CEO of media firm, Higame Digital, one of the principal pioneers of the reality show disclosed that ‘We believe in supporting our community of diverse and hardworking creators.’
“We feel incredibly blessed to be in a community where the role of the entrepreneurs and local content development is seen as essential in shaping our society.” He added.

Public Relations Manager Manny Ita

A Continent of 2 million years, Africa is known for her significance, the economic potentials, beautiful culture, traditions, colorful landscapes, the seasons of legends, empires and heritages, aspects of which are expected to color the reality show.
Continuing Ita averred ““For those who will also be supporting the show, The Illuminators is a phenomenal opportunity to help highlight the effects of crowd-funding in the success of entrepreneurs and the value that this reality show will be able to create over the coming years.”
The Illuminators will showcase the effort, struggles, celebrations and the victories, for the crowd-funding entrepreneurs that people are supporting as they stake their futures on the success of their projects. Such supporters will get an inside view of what it takes to create, run, and fulfil on a campaign’s promises. This show not only highlights those that dare to dream but also, amplifies the crowd-funding movement through modern, digital media.
Young CEOs technopreneurs, artists, start-ups with lofty aspirations and good business ideas who need funding are expected and encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity and try to win the highest funding from over 180 million contributors in Nigeria’s first crowd-funding TV reality show.
Details of the show can be accessed on

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