From the gods to Olodumare-Oil on Canvas, by Adeyinka Olaiya(Brazil 2015) –
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Adeyinka Olaiya is a Curator, Painter and Researcher with a degree in Applied Arts / Painting and Illustration from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria.

He is currently researching on the influence of the African religion in the Brazilian annual carnival of Arts and Culture …..The Yoruba mythology and its influence in the Brazilian art colleges

His publications include; Sculpting ORI ( Head) in the Heavens, AJALA MOPIN, the divine carver of Ori Ire ( Good head) and Ori Buruku( Bad head) according to the Yoruba tradition of Ifa

Ajala Mopin, the divine carver of Ori in the heavens, THE METAPHYSICAL CONCEPT OF ORI AND IPONRI …. In-depth metaphoric and mythical comparison in the study of the Yoruba tradition of Ifa

Conference Paper

The metaphysical significance of Ori and Iponri in the Yoruba tradition of Ifa

ORISA IKU-The semblance and poetic iconicity of the much feared god of the universe

HAUSA SLAVES AND THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION IN BRAZIL…….The Influence in the worship of the Yoruba Gods


A presentation in memory of a much loved brother , friend and family who submitted himself to the function of Iku (Death) on the 5th of Nov.2020

ORUNMILA IFA … The incredible highlights of the master architect according to Adeyinka Olaiya


Opele Ifa / The divination chain by Orunmila Orunmila , the Yoruba philosopher and the architect of life. Orunmila baba Ifa , the spiritual mouth piece of Olodumare , the connector and the iconic semblance of the Yoruba culture , tradition and religion , a spiritual blessing bestowed upon mankind by Olodumare, and through the Yoruba people of Niger…

EDAN OGBONI STAFF….The arts, aesthetics and spirituality in the practice of the Yoruba aboriginal secret Society

Research Proposal

The Arts, Aesthetics and the Spirituality of Edan Ogboni Staff…..A full study from the practice in Brazil

EDAN OGBONI STAFF….The arts, aesthetics and spirituality in the practice of the Yoruba aboriginal secret Society


IGBO LOA: Ancient God of Nigerian Igbos Alive in Haiti as The Caribbean Celebrates Igbo Day



Devine Arts

Yoruba Arts and Culture in Brazil

To further express the Arts and Religious influences of the Yoruba people of Africa in the Brazilian dailies.

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