Hong Kong court throws out comedian ex-girlfriend’s suit of HK$70 million (RM37 million) from sale of their luxury home – worldwidecelebritymagazine.com
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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After accusing him of failing to pay her commission totaling more than HK$70 million (RM37 million) from the sale of their luxury home, a  Hong Kong court has thrown out a suit from the ex-girlfriend of comedian and director Stephen Chow.

According to report, the presiding judge had instead ordered Alice Yu to pay cost.

Yu, 49, who split up with Chow in 2010, had testified in court in November that she and Chow had reached a verbal agreement on the commission on Christmas Eve in 2002.

He was reported to have had suggested giving her a bicycle as a gift. But she then proposed a 10 per cent commission on their investments, including three luxury units with five parking spaces and projects under his investment fund.

Taking the stand during the trial, the 58-year-old Chow admitted in court to making the promise, but he said they were merely “sweet words” during their 13-year courtship.

Yu had insisted that Chow was then both her boyfriend and business partner, with the verbal agreement hence a business contract and legally enforceable, or Chow would not have shared some investments profits with her after their break-up.

Chow, who directed hits like Kung Fu Hustle (2004), CJ7 (2008) and The Mermaid (2016), however, said the money was a gift to her with no other motives.

While it was unclear how much Yu had to pay for costs, the judge ruled yesterday that Yu did not act as an agent for the properties and did not facilitate Chow’s investments.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily reported Chow’s lawyer Anthony Siu saying the actor hoped the matter would end with the judgement.

He also wished Hongkongers Merry Christmas on behalf of Chow.

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