Australia’s Byron Bay beach parties shut by police –
Sunday, February 28, 2021
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After scores of holidaymakers breached Australia’s coronavirus regulations Police have been forced to shut down large parties at a popular holiday spot on the NSW north coast.
Under current COVID-19 restrictions, outdoor gatherings are limited to no more than 100 people in a public place, including beaches and parks.
Over the Christmas period, members of the Tweed and Bryon Police District police have moved on large crowds gathering at Apex Park.
NSW Police said parties of about 300 people gathered at Main Beach and then Belongil Beach.
About 200 people were dispersed and music equipment seized with 73 parking infringements issued.
Police are liaising with National Parks and Wildlife regarding further infringements.
The Byron Bay party shutdowns come just days after health experts expressed fears a Sydney beach party had all the makings of a COVID-19 “superspreader event”.
NSW Police were called to Bronte Beach on Friday to break up large crowds gathered at a Christmas Day event, dispersing scores of revellers in Santa hats who appeared to be giving little consideration to social distancing.
NSW Health Minister Hazzard yesterday slammed the partygoers, who he said were backpackers.
“It is absolutely appalling to see what was clearly a group of people, a large gathering of people who didn’t give a damn about the rest of Sydney,” he said.

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