Pepsi debuts first-of-Its-kind soda –
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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The scientists up there in Pepsi Castle are at it again with something new. Something… daring. Something called Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola. (Cue thunderclap and distant bloodcurdling scream.)

According to a press release, Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola is Pepsi cola mixed with a “delicious blend of cocoa” and hint of marshmallow. The release explains that the Pepsi test kitchen team “only whipped up a small batch,” which is why the brand will only drop the new flavor if its “Cocoa” Cola announcement tweet gets 2,021 retweets.

 “There is nothing more classic than hot cocoa on a winter day, but this year has been anything but typical” Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing at Pepsi, said in a press release. “So why not bring together the delicious taste of a Pepsi with the delicious, wintery taste of chocolate and marshmallow and bring some unexpected joy to our fans this season?” Hmm. Why not, indeed? At press time, the brand’s tweet had exactly 854 tweets, so the flavor roll-out is bit of a toss-up. Part of me wonders if this is one of those tweets that’s like, “If this gets 100,000 retweets, I’ll tattoo my own face on my butt.” Is Pepsi bluffing? Retweet and find out, I suppose. Better than tattooing your own face on your butt.

There may have been an aluminum can shortage this year, but at PepsiCo there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of genius. The popular soda brand is launching a never-been-done-before flavor this winter: cocoa (cola).

Cocoa Cola flavor is both cheeky and straightforward, as its Pepsi’s spin on hot chocolate and soda. Oh, and did we mention it will even have a hint of marshmallows? (Related: 8 Grocery Items That May Soon Be in Short Supply.)

The fizzy, holiday-inspired beverage won’t debut without a little bit of dramatic suspense. According to the company’s Twitter account, the flavor will officially drop once the post gets 2,021 retweets.

“There is no denying that hot cocoa is the unofficial beverage of winter,” Pepsi said in a statement to Thrillist. “Whether you are cozying up with a mug by the fire while snowed in, or creating one of those cocoa bombs that has taken the internet by storm, the hot chocolate-y goodness is an all-time classic . . . and a classic that’s getting a whole new twist, thanks to the latest product innovation from Pepsi.”

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