‘We need to make better choices or we’ll be subjected to a witch-hunt’- Sonam Kapoor on sexism in Bollywood – worldwidecelebritymagazine.com
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Actor Sonam Kapoor never shies away from speaking her mind. The actor is fierce and talks about issues that are important to her. In a new interview, Sonam opened about sexism in Bollywood and opined that there needs to be a change in the manner that songs and lyrics are written about women.
Sonam shared that in today’s times’ too female actors need to act, talk in a certain way to fit in. She emphasized that women need to stand for themselves and make better choices or else they will be subjected to the ‘witch-hunt’ and burnt to the stake.
“There still exists this idea of working with the ‘big hero’ to succeed. And female actors need to be a certain way, dress a certain way, and talk in a certain way to ‘fit in’. You still have your teams reminding you to ‘fit the mould’. I’m fortunate that my team isn’t like that, but it happens all the time!,” she told Cosmopolitan India in an interview.
Sonam who has been in the film industry for the last 13 years has always been upfront and vocal about women’s contribution to the industry. She even started an Instagram series #WomenInFilms highlighting the contributions of women and spreading awareness about females in the industry.

Sonam further said that female actors need to turn down movies and convey that it is sexist. “Look at the way song lyrics or scripts are written about women… that needs to change. The way women are portrayed and talked about in the industry is not okay, and as women, we should not agree to work in those films because we are just harming ourselves. There is no price too high, especially considering all that has happened over this year… Each one of us needs to make better choices, or we will be subjected to a witch-hunt and we will be burnt at the stake!,” she said.

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