Cultural ambassador, His Highness Oba Adekunle Aderonmu lends his voice to the COVID-19 fight  –
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Born in Nigeria and naturalized in Brazil, His Highness Oba Adekunle Aderonmu, who has lived in São Paulo for over 20 years, where he promotes cultural and social exchange between continents, seeking an interaction between his fellow peoples, has lent his voice to the fight against COVID-19.

His Majesty, sensitive to the crisis of the pandemic that is fighting the whole world, sympathizes with everyone and brings the light of the knowledge of African ancestors, so that together with science and all the standards of the World Health Organization, he can help in the prevention and combat of this fearful virus.

In the hope that all information in accordance with the official guidelines of health agencies, will help in the fight against the pandemic, he also disclosed that a research for a cure was being conducted in Madagascar.

According to him, “The main cure for the virus is its immune system. Many scientists’ alternative medicine have correctly stated that boosting our immune system is the number one defensive mechanism against Covid-19. Being malnourished is one way to damage your immune system.”

As every country is testing its methods and putting all effort to fight the disease, the Oba advises that people;

-Stay as an ordinary human beings. Research shows that staying up all night can cause damage to the immune system, increasing the likelihood of catching a virus and making it even more difficult to fight.

-Absorb a little sunshine. Vitamin D is an immune system supercharger and absorbing some rays is the most natural and efficient way to store it. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

-Delicate yourself to tea time. Drinking tea in the morning or just before bed is so relaxing. A 2003 study revealed that the chemicals in tea called alkylamines strengthen the immune system to help you fight infections.

-Exercise. Exercise can release bacteria from the lungs, reducing the chance of contracting an airborne disease. It also makes your white blood cells circulate faster, allowing your immune system to detect disease more quickly.

-Drink lemon, honey, ginger and saffron with warm water. A 2012 review published in the journal Alternative and Complementary Medicine with Evidence found that honey, an antioxidant, acts as a natural immunity stimulator. Ginger, another powerful antioxidant with antiviral properties, can be used to treat digestive problems such as nausea and motion sickness. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which, according to Mayo Clinic, can be used for its antioxidant properties and to prevent the common cold. Finally, studies show that curcumin, a component of spice called “turmeric”, can regulate the immune system.

-Watch movies a little (or a lot). Watching a few episodes of your favorite funny programs is beneficial. A 2007 study found that laughter is really the best medicine: it can give your immunity a ridiculously easy impulse. Break your ribs by thinking of our politicians and civil servants.

God made adequate provisions through nature to meet man’s needs. Create your immunity to adequately resist the virus. You are in the driver’s seat, keep your social distance, a clean environment and do what you can.

If you have come into contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus or are experiencing the symptoms

– fever, cough or difficulty breathing, contact the health agency immediately.

Follow all the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and the State and Municipal Departments. Together we will contain the pandemic.

Olodunmare [Supreme God] will bring his blessings to humanity, this is our call, our hope and our certainty.

Stay safe. Stay home!

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