Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has been accused by Doris Ogala for pimping out pregnant women.

The actress took to her Instagram page on Sunday, February 2, 2020, where she shared a chat conversation between an unknown person and herself. According to her, Uche Elendu invited a lady ‘Emili’ to her house and drugged her.
It didn’t end there, she went on to reveal that Uche then invited a man whose fetish is sleeping with pregnant women, to come over to the house to have sexual intercourse with the lady.
According to her, Nollywood actress, Oge Okoye was aware of the incident and even advised Uche to drop off the body of the said lady into the river if she refused to wake up after she was drugged.

She went to reveal how much was paid by the said man after sleeping with the pregnant woman. She has since taken down the post from her Instagram page. Over the last few days, Doris Ogala has shared some really shocking revelations about some of her colleagues in the Nollywood industry.
About a week ago, Doris Ogala revealed that Uche Elendu and Oge Okoye had become famous for sleeping with married men. The actress took to her Instagram page where she shared screenshots of chat conversations revealing that Oge Okoye has allegedly been sleeping with Prince Walter Ogochukwu Igweanyiba, Uche Elendu’s ex-husband.

It did not end there as she went on to imply that Uche Elendu tried snatching her husband “spiritually” after wiping her face with a handkerchief at her wedding. She went on to debunk the claims that her marriage was on the brink of collapse and that it would be difficult for anyone to break up her union.

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