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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Fresh from conferring its outstanding distributors for the year with awards for their stewardship and performance, Avila Naturalle, Africa’s elite organic skincare and hair products’ manufacturer recently organised a training in Dubai for its top distributors on the uses of essential oils.
The company continues to distinguish itself as the number one organic cosmetic powerhouse on the African continent, all in the drive to establish the proper standard for organic products manufacturing in order to give users their deserved value and encourage the usage of organic products for skin and hair in restoring, repairing and ultimately beautifying the body.
Essential oils are the liquid extracts of potentially beneficial plants. People are beginning to use essential oils widely for a variety of common conditions, and some research shows they help relieve symptoms in many cases.
Avila manufacturers have turned dozens of these plant oils into essential oil products, with some of the most popular of them including lavender, tea tree, lemon,eucalyptus, chamomile, ylang-ylang etc.
Speaking on the Dubai trip and why it was necessary, the Managing Director of Avila Naturalle, Temitope Mayegun disclosed that;
“Because the compounds in these oils may have some health effects on the human body, it becomes of prime importance therefore that a fore-knowledge of its uses and application be acquired for proper and correct dispensation.”
“This informed the need for Avila to have its top distributors embark on the Dubai trip to equip them with the requisite knowledge on the product; because as I always say, Avila is not just about making money but adding value to lives. We care about the right standards of products, and of course people should be properly informed about the uses of these products for good well being.” She added.
It is instructive to note that one of the qualities that stand out Avila from the pack of organic cosmetic manufacturers is its passion in ensuring that only the best possible standards are employed in its operations which stems from the desire to give end users real value. Consequently, Avila Naturalle consistently invests massively in research and training.
The company which is set to diversify into health foods and supplements in the near future believes Avila is a name that resonates with every family’s needs.

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