Govt support of traditional institutions can bring an end to insecurity problems in the country-Oba Olakisan –
Friday, February 26, 2021
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  1. Oba Abdul Adetoyese Olakisan is the president General and paramount ruler of the aborigine Ogboni fraternity of Nigeria. He is the Oba Ogboni Agbaye and Awise Iwase of Yorubaland.
    Since its inception, the aboriginal Ogboni fraternity has had one objective which is to attend the needs of the Yoruba nation, and this it does in conjunction with the obas, the yeyes and other subgroups such as the egbe ode, egbe isona etc.
    As head of Ogboni Agbaye, Oba Olakisan is saddled with the responsibility of guiding and overseeing the activities of the fraternity within and outside the country. He travels round the year to Cuba, America, U.K., China, Togo, Ghana, Brazil, South America and India where the fraternity has affilliates, to coordinate and oversee their activities.
    Needless to say that the Ogboni fraternity is one that many see as dreadful or satanic, but this impression according to Oba Olakisan is a wrong one and unfounded as one of the duties of the fraternity is to guide and uphold the moral values of the Yoruba nation.
    “The Aboriginal Ogboni Fraternity is a corporate body registered under the Nigerian law. We file returns at the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C).” Oba Olakisan disclosed.
    In the State of Georgia and also in Cuba where the fraternity has a large followership, it is also registered in fulfillment of their law.
    The fraternity which is widespread globally draws its membership from virtually every profession in the face of the earth from medicine (orthodox and traditional), pharmacy (orthodox and traditional), judiciary, law, teaching, engineering, media, farming, artisanship to even religious societies, with clerics, prophets and alfas in the fold.
    A practising Moslem, praying five times daily, Oba Olakisan believes one of the reasons there has been the protracted case of insecurity in the country is because the government is not collaborating as it should with traditional institutions. He also blames the activities of illegal miners devastating forests and landscape, thereby exposing the people to the eventuality of earthquake, on neglect of traditional institutions by governors in the region.
    According to him, “Governors are to blame for neglecting traditional institutions responsible for detecting, prevention and combating crime. Specifically, there is no town in Yorubaland where you won’t find our Iledi (ogboni branch), there is nowhere you won’t find the OPC. Both of us gather intelligence and can confront any security challenge.”
    Calling it a less expensive gambit, the Ogboni chief custodian wants the support of the governors in this regard, assuring that all cases of troubling insecurity in the country including the menace of herdsmen would be brought to a grinding halt.
    “Do you know there are herbal preparations that ward off animals and birds from farmlands, and also herbal preparations that kill them outright? Herdsmen cannot match us in terms of power and they know.”
    “Let the governors support us with the wherewithal, you will see. Frankly, no tribe in Nigeria can surpass or subdue the Yoruba in warfare. Anybody that declares war on the Yoruba will not last twenty one days. The Aare Ona Kakanfo knows this. Let the government consult and support the traditional institutions and see the positive result and permanent end to insecurity.”
    Elucidating more on the impression many get about the fraternity being a secret society, Oba Olakisan averrs, “I must admit that there are certain aspects of the activities which are not open to the public. For instance intelligence gathering and diplomacy as well as membership role. On membership role, it is not something peculiar to the fraternity; even public companies’ shareholders are hardly known, yet they exist. If you belong to the fraternity, of course you are privy to everything we do.”
    The Oluaye Ogboni Agbaye, Oba Olakisan has always been in service to humanity, given his passion for the well-being of people. Long before his present status, he was a prominent African Onisegun (Spiritual Herbalist), curing various sicknesses and healing people from diverse spiritual problems.
    His purposeful and exemplerary leadership has been acknowledged far and wide with honors and awards. He was recently honored with the award of a doctorate degree by Bradley University in the United States of America.
    His works continue to speak for him as he guides the Ogboni fraternity in the paths of the virtues it was founded upon.
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