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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Special Edition Publication Vol. 23/2019-09-06

High Chief Bamidele Almoroof Onifade, Elemo Aga 11th of Ikirun Land

Coronation ‘Reloaded’ Party Held at Treasure Palace Hotel, Ikotun Igando, Lagos on Friday September 6, 2019
By the Editor
The 6th of September 2019 is a date that will go down in the annals of entertainment history as one that major players in the industry converged to honor a man deserving of honor. All roads led to Ikotun Igando, and precisely the Treasure Palace Hotel and Resort on that day, where the Coronation ‘reloaded’ party of High Chief Bamidele Almaroof Onifade and popular fuji musician Chief Agbaakin Bobagunwa (Obesere) was held.The ambience of the prestigious hotel spoke volumes of the auspicious occasion in remarkable ways, as friends of the celebrant, colleagues, lords spiritual and temporal from Ikirun land, Osun State all turned up in droves to felicitate with High Chief Bamidele in celebration of the chieftaincy title Elemo Aga 11th of Ikirun Land, earlier bestowed on him.Spotting a richly mixed array of English and traditional attires, guests and friends of the high chief and the fuji guru, arrived venue of the occasion from different states in the country and also from Ghana, Canada as well as the USA, where Texas-based entertainment mogul, Chief K.B. Lawal – CEO/President of Worldwide Celebrity Magazine and CETV online, came to honor their own.Comfortably seated in the beautifully decorated lounge, guests engaged each other in pleasantries and light-hearted banter, with anticipation of the arrival of Chief Bamidele and Obesere very much palpable.It was obvious that Chief Bamidele had arrived when he alighted from the vehicle that conveyed him, resplendent in his full kingly regalia, as the venue went agog cheering and welcoming the chief by friends, fans and other guests, adorned in white attires and customized caps of different shapes with the chief’s inscription, giving securitymen a tough job ushering him into the venue. And from then on it was simply electrifying, especially with the arrival of Chief Agbaakin Bobagunwa (Obesere) of Ibadan, who was hailed by fans, as he was ushered in. He ensured there was no dull moment throughout as the occasion bore down into the early hours of the next day.High Chief Bamidele Almoroof Onifade is a valuable player in the Nigerian entertainment industry among other business concerns he oversees. He is CEO/ President of Delonifera.ng, a video production outfit. He is also a licensed car dealer with outlets in Lagos and Ghana.For his immense contribution to the entertainment industry as well as in the lives of many who have received lifelines from the amiable entrepreneur, he was conferred with the title of Elemo Aga 11th of Ikirun Land in appreciation.On hand at the venue were different musicians apart from Obesere, among whom were Asiwaju Murphy Adisa Sabaika, Alhaja Monsurat Asikomitito and others who all lit up the venue of the occasion with body-shaking renditions of classic fuji music. There were also several other displays and musical acts that made the evening a highly enjoyable one.No stone was left unturned in ensuring guests were treated to the finest of cuisine-both continental and local as well as the finest of assorted drinks, as everyone celebrated the evening with Chief Bamidele and Chief Agbaakin Bobagunwa (Obesere). It was indeed one evening of consummate fun with the high chief that will be remembered for a long time.

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