“The activities of Ogboni are very open for all to see, we do not involve in evil acts”-HRH Oba Tajudeen Ajalaade Bakare (OBA OGBONI ABALAIYE) – worldwidecelebritymagazine.com
Sunday, February 28, 2021
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By the Editor

HRH Oba Tajudeen Ajalaade Bakare(OBA OGBONI ABALAIYE) is from Oluawo’s compound, Ifelodun LGA in Kwara State. Born 50 years ago into a Muslim family, his great grandfather was the Oluawo of Irapa. After his primary and secondary school, he went to the Arabic teachers college in Jebba where he studied Arabic and Gretu. After that he attended the College of Arabic and Islamic legal studies in Ilorin and obtained an OND in law, Sharia and common law. He proceeded to College of Education, Ilorin thereafter and got his NCE in Arabic and Islamic studies after which he landed the University of Lagos where he bagged his first degree in Islamic comparative religion, studying Christianity, Islamic and Traditional religion. He then pursued a Masters degree in Islamic comparative religion from same university.
A proprietor of two schools, Fabat International Nursery and Primary School and Vibrant Brains College, all in Ijoko in Ogun state, Oba Tajudeen Ajalaade Bakare, an educationist by profession, spoke with worldwide celebrity magazine in Lagos about aspects of his lecture on the Ogboni fraternity which took him to South Carolina in 2016 before moving to New york and Atlanta Georgia where he delivered a lecture about the Fraternity to clear the doubts and fears surrounding it.
According to him, “Awo has branches. When you say babalawo, it is different from Awo. We have Awo Okpa, Awo Osubo , Awo Egun, Awo Ogboni. People in the world do not understand the difference and this is where the problem lies.”
“In Ifa, the Olugbo is the chief priest; in Ogboni, Apena is the chief priest. They are different. So if an Oluwo says he has inititated anyone into Ogboni, that would be a fake initiation. Often when people see babalawo or ritualists doing something, they mistake it for Awo Ogboni or Awo because they don’t know the difference, whether it is Ogboni or Osugbo. Ogboni also is sub-divided. Some will say they are Ogboni Agbalaiye, which is where I am; we have our constitution. I am not the owner of Ogboni, but a member and in any association, you have the right to talk and bring your views. But there are some Ogboni where people say ‘I am the owner of Ogboni and what I say is binding on all’, not entertaining questions or other views. This is where we are having problems with Ogboni.”
“Our activities are very open for all to see, we do not involve in evil acts. We go out in the daylight when we carry out any activity. If we want to bury anyone, I usually invite people who are not Ogboni to come AND SEE for themselves. We record it and have people watch to see that we do not do many of the things spoken of us, like cutting parts of the deceased or any of such. We need to stop insinuating. The borrowed religion, Christianity and Islam are the ones saying negative things about our culture, Ogboni. We read the Bible and the Koran; but are we opportuned to read Ifa books also? They have put a lot of ants into our mentality and call us what we are not. But how many of us can stand up and say NO, what they are saying about us is wrong? That is what I have been doing for 22 years.”
“A lot of people in Ogboni are also doing bad because of their selfish interests. They extract money from new and unsuspecting members. Many leaders do not want their followers to know the truth so they can keep exploiting them. I have visas for many countries and travel at will. No one will never say I have duped them. Many leaders are uneducated and do not know many things about the Ogboni, not the history of the association or the crown.”
On whether these issues are being worked on, to be corrected in order to ensure the fraternity becomes a more structured and unified body, Oba Bakare averred thus;
“We have freedom of association in Nigeria. Anyone who feels he has money can go to the CAC and register an association. That is the first step to tackle the abnormality. We are presently having meetings the present Obas who have registered their associations with CAC, in this regard. We want to stop further registrations of Ogboni. We want to know the ones we have and call them together. If you say you don’t want to be part of us, we’ll put out a letter signed by all others confirming that these are the recognized Ogboni associations we have and send it to the CAC; just as it is with CAN and the muslim body. Our next meeting is on September 8 and all the 8 Obas we have presently will be present, where we will deliberate on stopping the registration of new ogboni associations and draw out the rules, modalities for conformity and uniformity, as well as punishment for violation of rules. It is after this that we can point out to the world, the difference between Ogboni, ritualists, babalawo etc.”
Below is the lecture Oba Yajudeen Bakare delivered clearing the air about so many issues surrounding the Ogboni fraternity. The lecture was delivered in six places, 3 in the US; New york, New Jersey and Atlanta Georgia and three places in the UK; Camberwell, East London and Surrey keys. The lecture highlights the problems in Ogboni; defining what Awo is, who is Alawo, who is babalawo. Then also , the process of initiation was mentioned;explaining in-depth the process and importance of being a fraternal member as well as knowing the real Ogboni from the fake.

I have been looking for an opportunity like this to reveal the truth about Ogboni. Lot of people and even members of the same fraternity may misinterpret or have a misconception about my intentions because they don’t want the truth to be said. As someone who is blunt, honest and believe in saying the truth, I will not care what will happen in saying it. As the Yoruba adage says
I may not be 100 percent perfect as it is not all events that can be mentioned or outlined via this medium but I believe for us to have a good recommendation and stand, the truth about Ogboni must be said.
Many who are members of the fraternity do not know that Ogboni is not a religion but an association where secret is kept but worship comes in as mode of prayer. If some members do not know what they are into, then what would we say of the outsiders who are novices of what we are doing. I will not hesitate to mention a brief history of the emergencies of some Ogboni fraternities’ association but will also brief you why they must emerge.
I have no bad intention towards any fraternal association but we need to let people differentiate between the attitude of Ogboni and personal attitude included in Ogboni but not part of Ogboni ethics. It is so unfortunate that people believe whenever any member of Ogboni fraternity commits a crime; that such atrocities are committed by the Ogboni society because such a person is under the Oath of Ogboni society. This is a misconception. All I am saying to you here, emphatically is that, personal attitude and behaviour has taken over Ogboni society contrary to the real attitude expected of an Ogboni member. It is worthy of note that this unworthy attitude are perpetrated due to the selfishness of the leaders and heads in some factions of Ogboni.
We cannot continue to keep quiet while these frivolous acts continue; tarnishing the image of the fraternity all because of death threats from such evil people. As the adage says “if we don’t die now we will surely die one day and better it is to die saying the truth than to live a pseudo life”.
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I was born and bred in the OLUAWO’s COMPOUND, Irapa-Oja in Ifelodun Local Govenment Area of Kwara State, Nigeria. This indicates that my great grandfather is an Ogboni [then why must I die a coward?].
Despite my knowledge of Arabic and Islamic studies at Masters’ Degree level and my knowledge of Christianity as a Missionary scholar, I choose to be a traditional worshipper because that is where the truth lies.
Literarily, Ogboni means SECRET. This I believe we all do the world over. For example, if in your family you like keeping secret, then invariably you are an AWO (Ogboni). That is, you are an initiate [awo] of such a family as you being a member of such family exposed you to the secret of the family, and so you’re meant to keep such a secret as a norm in such a family. So also goes to whoever is an initiate of any society. He or she is bound by the rules and regulation of such a society not to reveal or say anything that is peculiar to /about such society.
WHO IS ALAWO (fraternal]?
This is a group of people who come together and keep secret to themselves and which remain among them without outsiders knowing about it for progress of all members. As defined by some dictionaries, of or like brothers, that is a society of men that have similar beliefs.
This is a spiritual person (an Ifa priest) that learned how to cast divination and can foretell what is in someone’s mind without been told. The said priest can reveal a secret through divination casting. That is why he is called BABALAWO (that is, the father of the secret group). He may and may not be a member of the OGBONI fraternity. He is different from OGBONI because he learned how to cast divination and took it as a work of life. He also makes use of herbs, leaves, roots and other traditional incantations / methods to cure.
However, they believe much on sacrifices. In view of the literary definition aforementioned, the three initiates [Ogboni, Alawo & Babalawo]are separate entities with different calls and missions. Therefore, these three initiates are not the same, as being misconceived by most people from outside world. For clarity of purpose, many of the BABALAWOs are not members of the OGBONI fraternity. Likewise, not all the Ogboni members are Babalawos. One is a means to living while the others are means of living. This got me bothered to query some acts among the fraternities. Hence, my questioning of how someone who is not an OGBONI but BABALAWO can give a big title of Ogboni to an Ifa worshipping member and say both are the same? NO, both are not same due to the processes involve in becoming a member.
Truly, BABALAWO is given respect in Ogboni for their traditional inclinations and activities but that does not make them automatic members of Ogboni, not being initiated.
There is a lot of mix-up and misrepresentation about Ogboni that needs more explanation and clarity. It is worthy of note that Ogboni is not a secret cult but truly a group of people that are secretive when it comes to real initiation. Immediately you are initiated into Ogboni, you become powerful and rich because of what you have gone through during your initiation (As the adage says “Ibi ti iku ti’n pa omo, ti iya re n’yo sese”.)
Many will say we are killers because they have no knowledge of the fraternity and they cannot differentiate between Ogboni and other secret societies. After the demise of a member, lots of people believe that parts of the deceased-member’s body like heart, head, etc are cut away by the Ogboni during the burial rites of such a deceased member. In actual sense, is it the truth?
Even the bible says John 8:32 – and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free and goes same in another book and verse that “ask, and it shall be given you; seek. And ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you” –Mathew 7:7, while Prophet Mohammed [SAH] said in the Quran Hadith HASAN MASHHUR “fair famous” that “seek knowledge even in China”.
If the two other religious books [Bible & Quran] request us to seek knowledge, find and uphold the truth in them without condemnation, then why can’t we endeavour to practice what we preach by seeking knowledge on what we don’t know. Our forefathers did Ogboni and were wealthy [without engaging in money rituals] with long life because they did it with honesty and love. If this was their case, then why can’t we abide by the oath taken when we were being initiated to stay by the truth in all circumstance and stop deceiving people to rob them of their money or properties. I need to let people know that personal behaviours to satisfy selfish interests/desires inculcated into Ogboni practices are individually perpetrated, and it is far from the tenets, principles and practices of Ogboni Fraternity establishments. Hence, the need for these public enlightenment lectures to protect the image of our beloved Ogboni society. This also will help and ensure that people make the right decisions when deciding to join the Ogboni Fraternity.
In Nigeria, there is only one body vested with the duty and power to approve associations, societies or businesses. This body is called Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC]. This body is a Federal Government owned commission and whoever has their Certificate of Incorporation with a unique registration certificate number, is considered legal and authentic to practice its association, society or business under such regulated environment.
With Freedom of Association entrenched in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whosoever desires has the right to form or join any society, association or business, provided it is legal and approved by this commission. For such society, association or business to be approved, it must have its guiding and stipulated rules and regulations called CONSTITUTION. This constitution is submitted to the commission [CAC] for revision before it can be approved. This commission [CAC] has also published and announced countless times, warning the public that a lot of unrecognised and unregistered fraternities are deceiving people; especially in the Diaspora.
Telling different lies and putting on fake regalia and illegal crowns, capping people and giving them fake titles all over the world. This exploitative act is being termed a crime as it is illegal by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This makes such perpetrators criminals. I would have mentioned some groups here but for legal reasons and my being a law abiding citizen. However, in the interest of the Ogboni Fraternity in general, there is need to expose all these evil doers to protect the image of Ogboni Society in general. I am therefore appealing to all the fake Ogboni groups to desist and totally stop their deceitful acts. Else be ready to face the wrath of the law of the land. This is in the name of peace and posterity.
I can say emphatically here that we have many arms or factions of Ogboni Fraternities in Nigeria as against just one; as proclaimed by some thieves who count all other Ogboni Factions to be their followers and never tell the world their position. Rather, they claim they are AGBAIYE (world). The questions are who appointed you to represent them? Have you controlled the society you claimed to be leading before naming yourself world leaders in Ogboni? These are facts a lot of people don’t know in the Diaspora. It’s not their fault because they have been indoctrinated without proper orientation nor allowed to ask questions. I will mention a few here.
However, being the first Ogboni to emerge does not mean they are the best or heads of other Ogbonis. Bearing in mind there is Freedom of Association. Any Ogboni Fraternity Association that does not follow the rules and regulation (ASSOCIATION CONSTITUTION) of their Association as presented to the C A C while registering their Association in Nigeria can be nullified. This is unknown to so many of their falsely initiated members. Instead of asking for their registration certificate you followed their regalia and fake crowns, and to deceive you, they give you fake titles and crowns. The original of which shall be given to you by another Fraternal Association recognized, accepted and approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria when the time comes and the fake removed. It is high time for you to start your enquiry into who and who are real, do you remember what happened to a BABALAWO who collected money and capped one white man as ARABA IFA AGBAIYE or so and said he did with the permission of his highness KAABIYESI ALAYELUWA ALAAFIN OF OYO? He was later prosecuted but was rescued by AGBA AWO that prevented him from going to jail. OGBONI is also set to do same for fake leaders.
As I said earlier, here are the names of some Ogboni Fraternities Association registered in Nigeria, in no particular order;
• The Renowned Ogboni Abalaiye Fraternity Association
• The Reformed Ogboni fraternity
• Aborigine Ogboni fraternity
• Ogboni Ibile Fraternity Association
• Saala Ogboni Fellowship
• A O N E
• Egbe Ogboni Agba Fraternity
• Federation of Ogboni Fraternity
• Confederation of Ogboni Fraternity
• Ogboni Awo Mimo Fellowship
• Awo Imule Ogboni of Nigeria
• Ogboni Iwase Association of Nigeria
• Ogboni Ibile Federation of Nigeria
NB: This list is not exhaustive, as there are legal emerging groups not known yet.
Apart from the above mentioned Ogbonis, we have others who are emerging but not known to us yet; therefore, not mentioned above. This leads us to how we can identify the legal ones. Yes they can be identified. Don’t forget I said the only legal commission that can approve Association or businesses in Nigeria is Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC]. Immediately such association or business is approved; it is confirmed legal to operate within its approved constitution and presented with THE CERTIFICATE, THE SEAL AND THEIR CONSTITUTION. This certificate from CAC will include the names of the trustees which must include the Oba Ogboni of that Association. If not the Oba, it could be Aare or Oluaye or whatever title they deemed fit or proper to call themselves with.
It is high time to tell you that the certificate is renewable and whoever has the newest one is recognized by CAC; hence, confirmed legal and permitted to operate. These are the things to request from any leader who says they are authentic.
Suffice it to say here that there are hierarchies in fraternities as in other societies. However, this hierarchy or superiority differs from one fraternity to another according to their constitution. For example, the highest rank in The Renowned Ogboni Abalaiye Fraternity is OBA OGBONI which is just one all over the world, followed by OLORI OLUWO. We don’t use AARE in our Association which means that we are not under AARE. Another example is The Reformed Ogboni Fraternity(R O F). The highest rank is OLORI OLUWO. Other titles like AARE, OBA, OLUAIYE etc., are not in their constitution; thus such people who proclaim such titles as members of ROF are illegal as such titles are not recognized. This asserts that they are not under any OBA or AARE or OLUAIYE as it not in their Association’s Constitution as approved by CAC.
In Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity, according to their constitution the highest rank is AARE and there should just be one AARE all over the world for the Association. This is followed by the Chairman, Olori Oluwo etc. I believe that is why a lot of you have been querying why we have many AAREs, many OLUAIYEs, and many OLORI OLUWOs in Aborigine. All I can say is that they all know the truth and are also in the best position to answer the querries.
However, if you can request to see the constitution that guides the Association; then you shall know the truth. I don’t want to be too elaborate on that for now, so that I will not be tagged a trator. As one of the Ogboni adages say, “ODI ONI YANGBA ………”; “MA BA AWO MI JE ……” but the truth must be revealed. This is where we need to think twice to see the truth and decide on whom to follow and worship with. I will not hesitate to brief you on who and who have registered or have authentic certificates because a lot of people are going all about with fake certificates. I have mentioned earlier how you can recognize an original certificate issued by the authorised commission by the Federal Government of Nigeria. I know I will have more enemies added to the ones I have earlier in Ogboni because of my honesty but the fact still remains that the world must know the truth about Ogboni Fraternity and, don’t be deceived by the sugar-coated mouth-like people who claimed that I [OBA OGBONI ABALAIYE] am under him along side my Association, who later wanted to register my Association again before they were published in a newspaper as thief (newspaper available on request).
It was then in Atlanta Georgia, U S A in 2016 when one runaway band member of a Late Nigerian singer [Orlando Owoh] posted me on Facebook to be a thief and said I am under her husband. Suffice it to say I wasn’t moved nor bothered to feel bitter nor sad because she is an illiterate / novice [OPE] when we talk about Ogboni matters. IYANIFA OR BABALAWO is clearly different from OGBONI. She is so full of herself and ignorant about the position she is honoured with; worse still is her hot-tempered attitude, deterring her to progress in Atlanta amongst her husband’s wives. She goes around portraying / claiming to be OGBONI REPRESENTATIVE IN DIASPORA. Kindly ask her who appointed her? Please be wise and refuse to be deceived by these bunches of cheats and liars because they’re all FAKE.
Less I forget, these are the things to ask for to ascertain the authenticity of their certification;
1. The Registration number.
2. The SEAL from C A C [with the association’s name inscribed] 3. Date of renewal and Date of registration.
4. The names on the certificate as Registered Trustees
5. The Certificate itself; Just to mention a few.
If all these questions are not answered, then you should know such association is illegal; thus, not recognised in Nigeria. Mind you, verbal presentations are not a genuine reason for their legality but you have to see all the aforementioned or even have a copy. There is no border on how these can be done because technological advancements have made communication simpler in aspects of video calls, conference calls, computer-based enquires, etc. Please contact your Oba for these documents so that you will not be defraud or tricked.
We are talking of reunion in OGBONI. This unification is possible only if we allow the truth to prevail. In this realm, the appointment of one and single OBA OGBONI AGBAIYE (President General) to represent all the association can only be done when all Oba Ogbonis and AARE Ogbonis sit together and form a committee with the assistance of BABALAWO who will cast divination for us to know who the next PRESIDENT GENERAL is.
I have never objected to use of the title “AGBAIYE”, so please don’t misquote me. All I am saying is that the title should be affiliated to your association alone. This means your association’s name should be included before the “AGBAIYE” indicating that the Aare, or Oba or Oluwo is for his association in particular and not all Ogboni Associations in general. For example, OBA OGBONI ABALAIYE AGBAIYE, AARE OBA ABORIGINE OGBONI AGBAIYE, OBA OGBONI AWO MIMO AGBAIYE, OBA OGBONI AGBA AGBAIYE and so on.
I give kudos and respect to the LATE OLUAIYE MOBOLAJI ALIMI NAIBI who made all efforts during his lifetime to bring all Ogboni Fraternity factions together. He never discriminated against any Ogboni and never forced any to be under him nor tell lies to the world that all Ogbonis were under him. I could remember very well when I met him in his palace at Ajangbadi Area in Lagos State Nigeria where I pleaded with him on behalf of all Ogboni, to settle any rifts he might have with any Ogboni and Oba. He accepted and withdrew all cases from court. He had listening ears and took advice; regardless of the position of the adviser. We all accepted him to be President General during his lifetime because of his contribution to the development of Ogboni all over the world. He stood solidly by any Fraternal Association that needed his help and never expected anything in return [monetaryor otherwise]. Our prayer is, MAY HIS GENTLE SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE.
The fourth lecture to be delivered at New York [Queens & Brooklyn] was meant to be “WHO OWNS THE CROWN” but with the questions the attendees started with; all desiring and willing to know the truth about Ogboni as against what people were saying and authors writing, that took precedence. During the deliberations, much reference and mentioning of one, ALALAYE BANIRE, who is believed to be a renowned member of OGBONI to practice Islam probably for a reason or more was made. Please let’s pick the question one after the other for clarity purpose:
QUESTION: Is it true that OGBONI is secret cult?
ANSWER: I have said it severally in my lectures that we are never a secret cult. Well whoever said so is an illiterate. Someone may be secretive; that does not mean he is a cult. I can see in page 49 of Alalaye’s book, comparing Ogboni with Freemasonry secret cults and others. Ogboni may be secretive like other religion but we are never a cult. If you say we are secret cult, what will you call the Islamic clerics that ties some seal [tira] and put some ingredients on it mixed together and call it Gari-Tira [use to control lives of people]? Or what will you call the candles, seals and different commanding oil used by some Christian prophets to control or manipulate peoples’ soul? This implies they are also cults. He also mentioned in page 50 that he would like to say much about Ogboni as Ogboni is exactly like all the other secret cults mentioned. How did he know if he is truly not a member of all the fraternities? Definitely, you can only know the secret of a secret society, only when you are an initiate of such a society bounded by law.
I am saying it emphatically here, that the so called Sheikh Alalaye is a member of Ogboni for him to know all it entails to be initiated. More so, all he referred to as secrets inside the conclave [Iledi] are known to him as mentioned in page 51 and 52. There he mentioned the steps involved in initiation of a new member. Even citing the calls & responses which is known to the Apena only. In view of this I concluded that Sheikh Alalaye Banire should be called an APENA. This is simply because nobody who is not in this position can understand the process of the initiation as written by him.
This is where all Ogboni should take a clue from, watch and screen properly who they will put in position of APENA. Many things are given out to those who will later betray the association because I can’t imagine how SHEIK APENA ALALAYE could write so long things about Ogboni including leaves used for bathing Iya; mode of dressing; meeting days; annual festival; how to worship at the conclave and many more which can’t be mentioned here.
QUESTION: Does Ogboni truly have leopard’s liver [edo ekun] used as poison to kill people and which pot do you have in the conclave [Iledi] that is used to call people’s name and killing them for rituals?
ANSWER: Well he knows best, like people will say and according to the theatre art practitioners, we have awo dudu (black cult) awo pupa (red cult) and awo funfun (white cults). All these are mere imaginations and fictions. They are not Ogboni and not real.The problem here is they cannot differentiate between Ogboni Fraternities and Secret cults. In Ogboni fraternity, the mother earth [Onile] is enough for us. We don’t believe that any charm can work inside the conclaves [Iledi] no matter how powerful it is because we have been fortified and gifted with our spiritual power immediately you are initiated because we are God sent that cannot be touched. He is just blackmailing Ogboni because of his selfish interests to have followers in the so called borrowed religion. He also said in page 55 that it is Ogboni that kills kings [Oba] with our spiritual sign [Aroko]with one parrot egg [eyin oode] inside a calabash with invocation; then send it to the kings [Oba]. He said that immediately the King opens the calabash, the said King will die. This is where I see this man’s claim to be psychotic and in need of a thorough examination at the psychiatric hospital. This is so because how can we Ogboni that install/coronate and do all sacrifices for and on behalf of the Kings [Oba] do such a thing to someone we love. I now see that it’s either Sheikh Apena Alalaye came during the life time of baba D O FAGUNWA and both were together in IGBO IRUMOLE or he is planning to produce a film in the nearest future. Please can you tell him to produce evidence or bring a witness that such has happened to by the Ogboni? He needs to dissociate and distinguished Ogboni Fraternity from rituals.
I, the Oba Ogboni Abalaiye challenge Sheikh Apena Alalaye to meet me on Television to argue all he has said about Ogboni and prove it publicly. I am happy I studied religion at master’s level and I care not where he quotes from, that I will not explain.
QUESTION: Do we OGBONI do money rituals and make one rich overnight?
ANSWER: This is where we are having problems with people who cannot differentiate between the Ritualists and the Ogboni. Truly the bible in Ezekiel 23:23 say Ogboni is rich. Yes we are but this has never said we are spiritualist. If you are initiated and all your rites are done completely as expected, nothing stops you from getting rich and all your problems comes to an end. A lot of people wants to be rich over night while some want fame without working for it, and at the end of the day they fall into the trap of ritualists and fraudsters. Such people turn back and claim they have been duped by the Ogbonis. This is not so because immediately you are initiated, the bad things delaying your progress are washed away and new things start to happen in your life. There is a covenant between Ogboni and the witch or wizard that an Ogboni member [Omo Awo] will never be harmed or disturbed. From the initiated day, a member is free from all evils and all you start to have is progress and happiness. My wonder here is, who does not want to do any work but want to get rich overnight; what a thief himself. Our image cannot be tarnished and I will continue to protect the interest of Ogboni as I promised my grandfather before his demise. He also said if I stand on the truth nothing will harm me; this, I believe truly. I seek the co-operation of other Ogboni Kings and Leaders to show good examples and emulate the behaviour of our ONLY Late Imperial Majesty MOBOLAJI ALIMI NAIBI, who fought endlessly for the progress of Ogboni and brought about love and co-operation among all Ogboni all over the world.
This is unlike many leaders of nowadays who are controlled by hot-tempered wife. I am emphasizing again that different OGBONI ASSOCIATIONS have their OBAS separately with the approval of the Federal Government of Nigeria. NOBODY, I repeat NOBODY, has been appointed as overall PRESIDENT GENERAL but KINGS [OBAS] and PRESIDENTS [AARE] of their own (particular) Ogboni association as entrenched or stated or outlined in their Association’s Constitution.
Greetings to all in the mighty name of Onile Ogboduora, as I always say that OTITO L’OBA IMOLE DE’FE, many people are eager to know much about Ogboni so that they will not be lost. Our topic today was meant to be WHO OWNS THE CROWN but many vital and important questions do come up and need quick response; hence, the change of topic of discuss for the fifth lecture here in Atlanta Georgia on 15th February 2018. Although the question of who owns the crown has been answered by different people like Oluwo Opeodu Ifasola Saheed that OGBONI owns the crown; although worn by some in a dirty and illegal way. The example of such was the illiterate woman called OLOMITUTU in Atlanta. She posted my picture where I was wearing a white cap beside her husband with crown on his head on Facebook saying I am under her husband based on hierarchy. She went further saying that was why I cannot wear a crown. More so, that I am not a king purposely because I went to OYOTUNJI AFRICAN VILLAGE in South Carolina to present OGBONI to the village. She knows not why I put on the white cap [Tajia] and why her husband put on crown because she’s a novice of the fraternity she claimed to belong by virtue of her husband. My orientation tells me it is not fit and proper to put on a crown to where we are going that day The event was 2014 OSUN OSOGBO DAY, where the king himself is not allowed to put on crown until after the sacrifice. It was this day at the River that KABIYESI ATAOJA OF OSOGBO publicly took the microphone on seeing some OGBONI factions leaders putting on CROWN when they are not meant to; himself as a king inclusive not and he said publicly and I quote “OGBONI you are embarrassing me. I have never said OGBONI don’t wear crown but you should know where you wear it. If you try it again, I will surprise you” (For reference purpose, kindly check 2014 Osun Osogbo Day video at the waterside. Details are also available in audios and pictures on request). Please who was disgraced?
I have been appealed to by many reputable people in Ogboni like OBA DAPO OLAFARE, HRH OBA SAHEED IBRAHIM of Ireland, AMB EFE OJO and others not to reply and I did complied. May Onile be with all of you lot.
I wouldn’t have mentioned the above but that was the first question asked by a person at the Atlanta lecture today because the entire dirty event occurred there in Atlanta in 2016 when she posted my picture on Facebook and called me a thief. She threatened to deal with me whenever she comes to Nigeria. She did come but couldn’t do anything. [ENI TI KO TO’NII, TI O N DE’NA DE’NI, AJEKUN IYA NI O JE).
Back to today’s topic, I will first give my respect to all IFA PRIEST [babalawo] and Iyanifa as I promised never to demote nor relegate anybody while trying to correct or rectify wrong impressions about the Ogboni. I entered Igbodu too and came out with my odu OGBE ATE, which is done by many BABALAWOS. This shows I am part of IFA and supported whatever IFA says. I therefore give Kudos to all IFA priests. The bone of contention here is the mix-up by some babalawo who say the process of initiation in IFA and OGBONI is the same and that once you have done IFA you have also done OGBONI. This is not so because the process differs completely.
I agree that there are processes in IFA initiation. However, having gone through Ifa initiation does not imply you have done the Ogboni initiation neither does it imply you or qualifies you as an Ogboni. The rites are done differently to become and Ifa worshipper and Ogboni member.
The process in OGBONI is three-pronged which I may not be able to expantiate in public for some reasons but in brief:
The first stage is the INITIATION PROPER, done by the APENA [the chief priest] in OGBONI. In the olden days, six [6] people are expected to be in the room to initiate new member; some of which are Elebusebu, Gbedan, Abole etc., after which the process follows. During the process, the Oluwo, Abiye and other conclave members who have been on their seats expecting Apena to come out to feed them back about the new initiate. Here, series of prayers and others rite are done for the new initiate before bringing him out to know AIYE [the world on the seat]. Here the Apena will present the initiate to the public for oath-taking [this is what is called secret by some people but not] and others. In our Association [OGBONI ABALAIYE], Apena will do the OBI publicly to know who is the mother and the father; however, this varies from one association to the other. The initiate has the right to get in touch with his father and mother at any time of trouble for assistance in all directions to solve the problem. This father and mother are greater than your biological parents because they are spiritual and can render any help. Here under initiation, you can see that APENA is the chief priest and not OLUWO as against the IFA initiation where OLUWO is the chief priest.
The second stage is ORI BIBO (sacrifice for the head). This is different from the normal ORI BIBO because it entails many other things like pepeye [duck], eiye etu, eiye ile [dove], igbin [igbin] etc. This is done also publicly in the presence of other members. Many people do ask if this is done same day with the first initiation? Well I will not want to conclude here but it can be done depending on time of initiation and time availability; if not ITA (3 days) and IJE (7 days) can still be used for this in case of urgency. All these cannot be done in the absence of APENA who is always the chief priest in OGBONI.
I came to realize that many OGBONI don’t do ITA and IJE because they count it as time wasting, I was amazed when I heard this from one APENA and I came to ask if truly that person is APENA. Moreover, I am not much surprised because many leaders in OGBONI don’t do ILASAN (lesson period) to enlighten their members about the tenets and practices of the Ogboni. In this respect, they lack the knowledge as to what entails in Ogboni. This also explains why and how many were given posts without knowing their duty or what is expected from them as holders of such offices. I can’t imagine how someone is initiated, do ibori and eran oro same day and next day without even knowing how to enter the conclave for worship is given the post of OLUWO. As an adage says “OMO TI KO RA TI ENI KO RIN…” (a child who did no crawl and you want him to walk).
Please what is the duty of ASHIPA? Can you explain how he shared what is in his domain? We need to teach our initiates the duties of their position so that our culture and heritage will not be washed away.
The third stage is ERAN ORO. I may be very brief on this for some reasons but will give details to audience listening to this lecture live in Atlanta. We don’t just tell initiates what his or her ERAN ORO is. In OGBONI ABALAIYE, the initiate will tell his spiritual parents who will tell APENA about his plan to kill his eran oro. Then the Apena will inform Oluwo, Abiye and others, where all will return to the conclave and ask the mother earth (EDAN) who will say what is best for the initiate. This implies that we have different animals used for the ritual and this is what our religious enemies call ritual or sacrifice but is it human sacrifice as they proclaimed? Are they not doing sacrifices too? What does the bible and Quran say about SACRIFICE? We all do sacrifice but we don’t do human sacrifice.
I implore all who claim that his BABALAWO has done OGBONI initiation for him to please find out again to rectify it. I am not saying that babalawo don’t do OGBONI; they do. As reiterated earlier, we do have many babalawo in OGBONI and they are accorded due respect because of their activity in OGBONI. However, not all babalawo are initiates of OGBONI Fraternity. Likewise, we cannot initiate one and call him babalawo in OGBONI. OLUWO has never been the chief priest in OGBONI and will never be. As the adage says “A KII S’OSUGBO LA LAI KO’LA” (we don’t do Ogboni without mark); which brings us to the question, Can OLUWO mark you? NO. This is the work of APENA during the first initiation.
I know some people will want to respond secretly or contact me for more truth after the lectures, you can get me on my email obaogboniabalaiye@yahoo.com or my personal email lanrebakrin07@yahoo.com while my whatsapp is also available on my mobile number +2348096715911.
I have done my part for now; I remained loyal to all Ogboni and will continue the good work, IYA RINU, OLOMO R’OKAN, BI EMI BA SE RERE IYA MO. ONILE OGBODUORA will continue to guide & guard you all.

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