Social Media Dangerous for This Generation-Selena Gomez –
Friday, February 26, 2021
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With 150 million Instagram followers, 57.6 million people follow her on Twitter, actress and singer Selena Gomez has broken her silence on the effects of social media on today’s generation, saying it is dangerous.
Gomez had been speaking during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival. She lamented that at this point, it’s quite impossible to even make social media safe again.
For people like Caribbean native, Majah Hype, social media can be credited for their careers.
The internet has sure taken over our lives, hasn’t it? Truth is, it’s a pretty good tool if used for what’s right. But then again, what is right?… and what’s wrong? That’s pretty subjective, some would argue.
Caribbean soca artist, Ian Alvarez, best known as Bunji Garlin, has for years, been a vocal force on the Caribbean entertainment circuit’s social media wagon. His voice, pretty much like that of his wife, fellow soca star, Fay Ann Lyons, often incites much discussion on varied topics.
Don’t get it twisted though; they’ve been known to start some pretty fiery debates that have in the past, led to some mudslinging- all, on social media. Bunji Garlin’s a man with clear cut points that are often valid as hell.
“At this point, only the impossible eradication of social media can get those, who are fully blinded by it, to adjust their view,” he said, when asked how the issue can be fixed. In essence, he completely agrees with Selena Gomez’s statement at Cannes.
For Bunji and so many others on his level, the frequent social posts are substantiated by the careers they’ve chosen. Their lives however, aren’t dictated by social media’s value system.
When we reached out to him, Bunji said ironically he and his wife had been talking about the topic. “We were talking about how social media was supplied as a tool to help humanity grow in some way,” said the artist. He said it’s however been twisted, with many chasing social media ‘currency’. “It’s like the bigger you are on social media, the more followers and likes you have, it’s the equivalent of money in the bank to them,” he said. Bunji’s Instagram following stands at 252,000.
“Now, you find there are some people who don’t even have a proper place to live, but as long as they have 10 million followers or 30,000 likes or whatever, they on top of the world and that is a really sad mental space to be in,” he lamented.
Bunji, like many Caribbean and global entertainers and celebrities, capitalizes on the free option to promote himself and his work, via social media. He however believes that for many, the tool has gotten the better of them, causing more harm than good. He remains unmoved though, saying he doesn’t blame the creators of the tool, he blames the improper application.

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