NabiilaBee, The Muslim Hipster Dismantling Stereotypes –
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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UK-based Russian-Algerian fashion and beauty vlogger NabiilaBee, who’s also of Turkish descent is among a small group of influencers dismantling the stereotypes that have historically been affixed on Muslimah fashion.
She has even gone ahead to launch her eponymous clothing brand, created for anyone looking for something “modest, but still fun and quirky.”
Muslimah fashionistas like NabiilaBee are beginning to gain the recognition they deserve. NabiilaBee is what we’d call a Muslim hipster (Mipster), which means she follows fashion trends, especially those traditionally unpopular when it comes to her faith and confidently infuses the ones she loves into her unique style. But this is not to say that she doesn’t embrace traditional Muslimah style. In fact, she does! She simply adds her special touches to create an unapologetically cool Muslimah style many millenial Muslimahs can relate with.
For her, dressing modestly means wearing something she can look religious in yet still be fashionable. Modesty is both a fashion choice and a lifestyle as there is no singular look that defines modest fashion. For Nabiila, this means characterized pieces as she loves vintage patterns which she mixes so beautifully with modern pieces.
Her style is classy, chic and quirky and definitely not mainstream or conformist. Through her video tutorials on YouTube, she continues to challenge traditional Muslimah stereotypes whilst teaching modern Muslimahs the art of looking stylish one hijab, one turban, at a time.

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