Menswear Designers Experiment with Pastel For The 21st Century African Man –
Friday, February 26, 2021
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More and more designers are making efforts to close the fashion gap between genders. For one, menswear designers have been experimenting more with traditionally non-masculine colours like pastel and for many metro-sexual men, this is a welcome development.
Pastel colours are a big trend at the moment and from high end to high street, we’ve spotted quite a number of celebrities and influencers rocking the hues. For something that makes a pretty serious statement, pastels can be surprisingly easy to wear. However, as with any new style you’re venturing into, you have to carry out a little research before diving into pastel.
When wearing pastel, you have to consider your skin tone. Wearing the wrong colour can leave you looking very unpleasant. Those with fairer skin tones can end up looking washed out by soft pastel colours so, stick to more vibrant shades. If your skin tone is on the darker end, you have more flexibility and can rock almost any pastel shade.
The venue to which you’re wearing the outfit too also matters. As with most things, there’s a time and place, so always read the dress code before you decide on how to style your pastel look.
Pastel colours work in a range of settings, from smart events like weddings and fashion shows to casual ones like hangouts with friends. Pastels can also be ideal for a laid-back office dress code or an after-work event so you’ve got many places to rock this trend to. Since pastel looks are already soft enough, avoid pairing with slogan or pattern shirts to keep the look sophisticated.

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