Meet Luka Sabbat: The 21-Year-Old Celebrity Setting Divergent Style Trends –
Friday, February 26, 2021
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Luka Sabbat is a fashion model, designer, entrepreneur, actor among others, who given his clout in the terrain has never had a fashion mishap.
Born to a fashion stylist mum, Jessica Romer and a designer dad, Clark Sabbat, little Luka would get babysat by the models at the catwalk shows his parents were working at, as the family flew between work gigs in Paris and New York. With a background like this, we can say Luka Sabbat has fashion running through his veins.
Since getting on the entertainment scenes, he has worked hard to remain firmly at the forefront of the youth-focused fashion scene. With a speedily growing Instagram follower-ship, being good pals with Kanye West and Virgil Abloh and his deep-rooted experiences in the fashion world — which include working for Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss and designing clothing for his own womenswear fashion label — Luka Sabbat is on the right track to being one of the most important names in millennial fashion. Plus, if being close friends with the Kardashian sisters count for anything, we can add that to his “sure success” formula too.
Without a doubt, Luka has his individualistic style to thank for his burgeoning influencing power. He plays around with a variety of silhouettes, patterns and textures to create a disruptive expression of style that more than justifies the heighten attention he receives. And we love just how versatile his style is. Switching between hip and funky to avant garde, the fashion darling sure loves a good layered look.

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