Beyonce Pops Eyes with Stunning Revealing Dress at Lion King Premiere –
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Stars in attendance at the occasion were tongue-in-cheek at the premiere of Lion King over Lion over Beyonce’s thigh and hip-revealing dress.
Bey has never ceased living up to her name when it comes to scenarios just like the one in context, always turning heads in jaw-dropping attires..
The Formation singer, 37, has sported a one-strap red dress, complete with a thigh-high split and her signature “fierce” pose — with one leg out.
The stance was reminiscent of Jolie at the Oscars in 2012 but Beyonce’s scarlet-coloured dress was by Walter Collection, which she wore with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and Messika Paris jewellery, according to style bible Harper’s Bazaar.
The Lion King voice star posed for a series of couple photos with her husband, rapper Jay-Z, 49.
The couple were said to be attending a Great Gatsy-themed 21st birthday party for Bey’s niece.
Meantime, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner became close friends while working together on the Disney remake of The Lion King.
But apparently, the duo, who voiced Pumbaa and Timon, respectively, would still rather be associated with Beyonce (who voiced Nala) than each other.
Although they never got to voice record with Queen Bey, the two were privileged enough to stand next to her during the movie’s red carpet premiere in London.
Rogen and Eichner both posted photos on their social media pages from the special night. Eichner captioned his photo, “BILLYONCÉ.”
While Rogen posted a similar photo. “Guys I did it,” he wrote.
An eagle-eyed fan on Twitter noticed a striking similarity with the photos. “My favourite part of The Lion King is @billyeichner and @Sethrogen cropping each other out of their picture with Beyoncé,” she wrote.
To which Rogen responded in mock surprise, “Billy, how dare you.”
The funnyman revealed to Jimmy Kimmel while promoting the movie that he was just honoured to be in the Grammy-winner’s presence.
“I’ve never seen this happen before. … Beyoncé was called out and the audience stood up and went crazy,” he said.
“I was like, “She’s getting a standing ovation for just existing.’”
“I know they weren’t clapping for me, but I was on the stage, and I, for a brief moment, felt like what it must feel like to have that adulation,” Rogen said.
“All I was thinking was, ‘Oh, people don’t like me that much. I don’t get one iota of this.’ No, I get, like, a smattering at best. Like, they saw her and people lost their goddamn sh*t.”
Eichner shared similar feelings about working with the musical icon.
“I’ve always been a huge Beyoncé fan, like the rest of the world,” the Difficult People actor told People magazine.
“I’m not as young as I look, so I remember when Destiny’s Child first came out, my friends and I in college were huge Destiny’s Child fans.
“I’ve seen Beyoncé live a number of times.”

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