Mandela’s Family to Honor his Legacy with Launch of a Media Company –
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Nelson Mandela’s family is launching a media company with Michael Sugar’s Sugar23 and ad agency DMA United, in honor of the late South African activist and revolutionary.
Under the Mandela Media brand, the group will develop long- and short-form content with a focus on “racial inclusion and equality, gender equality, mental health awareness and social justice.”
“My father spent his life fighting for freedom and equality,” Makaziwe Mandela said in announcing the company. “My family and I are very excited to partner with Sugar23 on Mandela Media. Sugar23 and DMA United not only believe in my father’s values but are also incredibly passionate about sharing those beliefs with people across the world through art, culture and entertainment.”
Nelson Mandela‘s generation did as much as it could to bring about meaningful change in society. There however remains much work to be done to make of our world a better one for all. Let’s continue to make a positive impact each & every day.
Through their partnership, Mandela Media will create content connected to the overall intent and passion of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela stood for freedom, forgiveness and the voice of the underdog. Through the Mandela Media banner, Mandela’s family will seek stories from around the world that fit with the core ethos of who he was and what he continues to represent, focusing on racial inclusion and equality, gender equality, mental health awareness and social justice.
“Nelson Mandela is an international icon who dedicated his life to changing laws and minds,” said the founder and CEO of Sugar23, the company behind “Spotlight” and “13 Reasons Why.”
“We are honored to partner with Mandela Media alongside Nelson’s family and carry on his legacy, inspiring a new generation with content that highlights the many causes he steadfastly stood for and the many people he tirelessly fought for.”
Mandela served 27 years for fighting apartheid and later served as President of South Africa. He died in 2013 at age 95.

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