US Based Trinity City Center: Empowering Lives Via Godly Principles –
Friday, February 26, 2021
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At a time when family values are gradually being eroded and marriages based on other reasons outside the manual of the one who instituted it; a time when the pursuit of money and life’s other numerous cares have brought more hurt that joy, there exists a servant of God who is busy uplifting people from its resultant abyss, transforming and empowering lives by creating awareness with the truth of God’s word.
The Trinity City Center is a non-profit ministry based in Atlanta in the United States of America and overseen by Nigerian Pastor Dayo Olasope; a man of God with an unbridled passion to transform and empower lives, heal marriages and give hope to the hopeless, and all by applying biblical principles to his methods.
Pastor Olasope strongly believes, and rightly so, that the youths of today are not a lost generation as some think, perhaps due to the failure to a large extent, of the older generation; but that they mostly have lost their understanding of purpose.
It is not surprising then that he accords special attention to the youths who he proclaims are leaders of today – a deviation from the common parlance that youths are the leaders of tomorrow. Indeed it begins from today.
By changing the perception people mostly hold of lifestyle and increasing the awareness of talents and potentials in people, using Godly principles, the Trinity City Center has uplifted many people from despondency to lead successful lives and empowered many to live their full potentials, seeing limitations as mere stepping stones to a life of purpose and fulfillment.
A place where spiritual living is encouraged and imbibed, the Trinity City Center believes inn the sanctity of marriage; one very institution that has continually come under the attach of the devil with divorce rates disturbingly skyrocketing all over the world.
Upholding the significance of women in the union of marriage and society, ministering to their work in Faith and financial aspirations in accordance to Proverbs 31 finds priority with the Trinity City Center, through which marriages have been healed and stabilized and women given the needed sense of worth to lead meaningful lives.
While the area of the calling of the man in charge of the Trinity City Center is Apostolic and Prophetic , he prefers to be known simply as Pastor Dayo Olasope and while the process of building a ministry in the mould of the vision God has given him may be teething, Pastor Dayo knows that when God gives one a vision, He also makes provision for it and as the walk with HIM continues, He makes it all beautifully accomplished bin HIS own time.
According to the ebullient man of God, ” We desire to build a city within a city creating an environment “Garden of Eden” for Gods people. So far we are just taking it one day at a time”.
Pastor Dayo Olasore works in the healthcare industry of the US as a professional Nurse. He is married to a beautiful woman with whom he has two beautiful daughters.

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