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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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By the Editor

To be a clergywoman is not a common metier for a politician, especially one from this part of the globe where politics is considered a dirty game and politicians addressed with all manner of derogatory tags.
However, Dr. Mrs Silas Christy stands out among the pack. She is among the few that are exceptions to that ignoble generalization.
Formerly a member of the Peoples Democratic Party’s Board of Trustees and also managing director of Yaklabbs Petroleum Nigeria Ltd, Dr Christy Silas comes across as a woman of vision, purpose and excellence, touching lives in diverse ways in all she is involved in.
A business woman of repute, she has been on the Nigerian political turf for some time now; a woman bestriding what is referred to as a man’s world with the audacity of an achiever.
Undaunted by cultural and social barriers, she has risen beyond such challenges to achieve her goals and dreams which cuts her as a shining role model for the womenfolk.
Currently the Deputy Governor of Gombe State, Dr. Christy Silas is a devoted christian who believes one who is named after God should by that be a shining example for others.
In her words, she averred: “I believe that a devoted Christian can still be a good politician. What it takes for such a Christian is to work and walk truthfully, and be faithful.”
And faithfully she has been displaying unbridled commitment to every endeavor she undertakes with the end purpose being to impact lives.
As deputy governor of her state, there is no doubt she has assumed another role, taken another challenge to show that women can indeed achieve their targets and get to the pinnacle of their game, despite the odds.
We wish her a successful and impacting tenure as Deputy Governor of Gombe State

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