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Friday, February 26, 2021
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7 Year old Ugandan rapper Fresh Kid has been told to face his education and quit music otherwise he would be arrested.

The order was made by the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs, Nakiwala Kiyingi, on Tuesday, saying that the country’s labour laws do not allow anyone under 18 to work
“Uganda’s constitution Article 59 clause 56 line 8 restricts young children below 18 from being used for any financial benefits,” said Nakiwala.
She warned that the young boy could face juvenile prison if he disobeyed the law.
Fresh Kid, whose real name is Patrick Ssenyonjo, is a primary 2 pupil at St. Agnes primary school in Uganda. Born in Kasana Luweero, the young rapper was discovered in 2018 and is loved by many for his performances and hit songs like “Taki taki’ and ‘Banteeka’.
The youth minister, however, wants the young chap to stop performing since he was always busy working and missing school at a time his colleagues were learning in class.
Her concerns come on the back of reports of child labour in Uganda, where children are seen hawking, doing small businesses or working on farms.
Francis Kamoga, his manager, said the young rapper has been going to school. In an interview with the BBC, he said that the child star performs on Saturdays and Sundays and has only had two shows, one music video and three songs since the start of the year.
He insisted that the boy is not working and is not being paid.
“I discovered him in a rural village miming some songs, brought him to the city and started paying his school fees” he said.
Meanwhile, people are condemning the government official for trying to ruin the boy’s calling:
“Fik told Wembly to link us to him, but whenever I went to meet Wembly to take us to Fik Fameica, he (Wembly) kept asking for money. I don’t need them now!” Fresh Kid
Judy Mayanja
#Freshkid what’s the fuss about this kid doing music at a tender age, yes! he needs to be school and i agreee .thr many young millionaires across the globe that hav built careers since 5 years.btw we go to sch to be what fresh kid is now . $$$ & successful .Uganda muli emitwe
People here making noise noise for #freshkid but deep down they know life is all about luck and opportunities most of us studied and embraced education but look at us now ߘ﫰ᅧ
Kitubi Martin ߇ﻰハ@dyermarti1
Just seconds after Hon. Nakiwala Banned #freshkid from performing, another Kid emerged, Mbu called #Kapilipiti. He wants a battle with #FreshKid at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Ayaabas
Tha Santa
Baby Gloria was doing music while in School, y’all didn’t say shit. But Fresh Kid has to quit music and concentrate on only school!?? Entitled hypocrites
Olé at the wheelߒハ@AshabaEmmanuelJ
Just one hit song and the minister expels Fresh kid from the music industry
Elizabeth Morgan
Bannange people who are over concerned about Fresh Kid why dont you also get concerned about the children in Karamoja who cant afford going to school?
Roy Kiganda߇ﻰハ@RoyKiganda
I think minister Nakiwala kiyingi was hired by who is who artists to stop fresh kid,,, abantu tatidde levelߘハ
Leave #freshkid to do his thing. No need for him to waste time going to school some of us are here unemployed ߘ
Ceaser sma ߇ﻰハ@CeaserSma
Success is what you do with your ability. It’s how you use your talent. @nakiwalafk pliz Nigeria is busy supporting emanuella. You busy pulling down FRESH KID . Let the kid hustle in peace , He has dreams . If u can’t support him stay A silent majority.#StayFocuse
Mona Lisa
You don’t Pythogras Theorem to rap. Education is good, but it shouldn’t put talent on chains. Y’all won’t feed Fresh Kid after you kill off his talent and then (God forbid) he fails at education.
Let the Kid sing!how

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