Netflix Enter Pact with BBFC for New Age Ratings on Series –
Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Netflix has partnered with the British Board of Film and Classification (BBFC) to introduce a new age ratings system to its platform.
The move could see all content on the service classified using the standard BBFC age ratings: U, PG, 12A, 15 and 18.
It follows new research by the BBFC and the Video Standards Council Rating Board (VSC) that found almost 80 per cent of parents in the UK are concerned about their children seeing inappropriate content online.
“Our research clearly shows a desire from the public to see the same trusted ratings they expect at the cinema, on DVD and on Blu-ray when they choose to watch material online,” said David Austin, the organisation’s chief executive.
“We know that it’s not just parents who want age ratings, teenagers want them too. We want to work with the industry to ensure that families are able to make the right decisions for them when watching content online.”
The ratings system will use a manual tagging system along with an automated rating algorithm, which will be audited by the BBFC.
A joint set of Best Practice Guidelines will also help online services work towards greater and more consistent age ratings.
“We have always believed that consumers wanted a clear, consistent and readily recognisable rating system for online video games and this research has certainly confirmed that view,” said Ian Rice, Director General of the VSC.
“While the vast majority of online game providers are compliant and apply PEGI ratings to their product, it is clear that more can be done to help consumers make an informed purchasing decision. To this end, the best practice recommendations will certainly make a valuable contribution in achieving this aim.”

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