Fans’ Visit to “Pride Rock” in Lion King Part of a New Holiday Themed Around the Film –
Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Lion King fans can visit the real-life Pride Rock and have breakfast with giraffes as part of a new holiday themed around the Disney film.
The Safari Collection is celebrating Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the iconic film with a brand new itinerary to Kenya, offering glimpses into the world of Simba and his friends.
Complete with a trip to the real-life Pride Rock which inspired Disney’s animators.
Fans will even get private guiding from Robert Carr-Hartley who was involved in the creation of the original 1994 film.
He was the animation team’s guide during their research safari and helped in the creation of Pumbaa, as well as sharing Kenyan sayings – which eventually led to the glory that is Hakuna Matata.
The once-in-a-lifetime holiday kicks off with an overnight stay at Nairobi’s world-famous Giraffe Manor, where herds of resident giraffes join guests for breakfast and tea, often poking their necks through the windows to share tasty treats.

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